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ABQ Mobile Refrigeration has over 15 years of experience servicing refrigerated trailer’s, truck, van and A.P.U. units in Albuquerque and all of New Mexico. We have an excellent inventory of OEM parts to minimize downtime and get your refrigeration units serviced and back on the road. In fact, emergency repair is not only our specialty but our pride and joy.



Why Choose Us

Our experienced refrigeration technicians understand the value of your time – getting your unit up and running in the absolute shortest time possible is our #1 priority, whether you are in the shop or on the road. We know that if a load of fruits, vegetables or meats isn’t being refrigerated on the road due to some mechanical mishap, there is no time to waste. We also understand the sooner you are able to get going again, the more likely you are to avoid insurance damages.

Our accuracy and speed are what set us apart from the rest, and ABQ Mobile Refrigeration specializes in being Albuquerque’s, most reliable and speedy cold transport repair mechanics. We have numerous technicians on hand to do the job right, and in an emergency, we come to you and make sure you don’t lose any time, money or cargo due to refrigeration failure.

When it comes to transporting perishable items, there are zero margins for error. From installing new trailers and truck refrigeration units to repairing current reefer units and APUs, we stand ready to get the job done right—right now.


Transport Refrigeration Repair & Service in Albuquerque, NM

Our Quality and service Keep you on the road!
When you need help, We have an Emergency Road Service, Ready to handle your problem on hand at one of our two locations or on the road. Our team of experts will help you to get back on track. Our services include the following but are not limited to this listed. You are more than welcome to ask if we could help with any other problem that you may have.

Transport Refrigeration

• Complete Refrigeration Unit repairs
• Maintenance programs
• Parts sales
• Rebuilt compressors

Trailer Repairs!? Yes, we have got it covered, from the ground up and we mean from the ground up!

• Major wreck repairs
• PM service
• State DOT Inspections

Preventative Maintenance & Inspection

Every truck & trailer, but especially the refrigerated auto units, needs regular maintenance and inspection. For refrigeration units, ABQ Mobile Refrigeration has all the tools and expertise necessary to ensure proper servicing to last your entire journey. ABQ Mobile Refrigeration specializes in repairing refrigeration units using a large inventory of OEM parts, and we also inspect the truck and trailer to ensure all pieces of machinery operate smoothly together.

For regular maintenance and inspection, we overlook no part of the job because we want to get you out on the road with confidence and ease. Regular maintenance of refrigerated trailers is recommended at 1,500 hours, 3,000 hours and 4,500 hours (annually).

Our experienced refrigeration mechanics check the refrigeration unit for adequate cooling, proper oil, working belts and everything else required for reliable mobile refrigeration. We take pride in visually inspecting the unit, cleaning any oil spill, clearing debris, making sure air flow is unobstructed, rotating fan motors and blades, tightening any electrical connections, and more. We have three decades of experience in this industry, so we operate with the big picture in mind without sacrificing attention to detail.

DOT Certified Inspections

In order to ensure safety on the road, the U.S. Department of Transportation requires that every commercial truck and large bus must pass an annual DOT inspection. ABQ Mobile Refrigeration is certified and approved DOT inspector, and with 15 years in business, our DOT inspection process has been nailed down. We follow all DOT guidelines and inspect, repair and service the refrigerated truck and trailer as it needs. In order to pass the DOT inspection, you need accurate records, astute observations, quality repair skills and extensive experience, all of which ABQ Mobile Refrigeration is happy to provide.

Our customer service is excellent and we will make sure we do everything possible to pass your refrigerated truck or trailer.


Trailer Ramps, Steps & Roll Up Doors


Welding & Fabrication


On-Site Pressure Washing

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